Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation System

Whether you own a single car or you have a few select pieces in your garage, you would do well to look into your options in a state-of-the-art vehicle exhaust ventilation system. The one thing that may spell the difference between the continued good health of you and your family and some serious health risks, a vehicle exhaust ventilation system is an absolutely essential aid to have in this day and age.

Why you need an exhaust ventilation system

The main reason why you should invest in a vehicle exhaust ventilation system is that the exhaust given out by petroleum based fuel driven vehicles is laden with a host of harmful substances. Many of these substances can cause severe health conditions when humans are exposed to them for extended periods, which is why installing a vehicle exhaust ventilation system is an absolute necessity.

Some of the most harmful ingredients found in vehicle exhaust are:
  • carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • nitrogen dioxide
  • formaldehyde
  • polycyclic hydrocarbons
  • lead
It is an impressive list to be sure, and these are still only some of the harmful substances that you can find in automobile exhaust. In addition, vehicle smoke can also contain large amounts of suspended particles, many of which are just as harmful as the gaseous component of automobile exhaust. In fact, these solid particles may cause a number of unique conditions of their own, ranging from asthma to bronchitis, to skin allergies to lung disorders. When people are exposed to such contaminants for long periods, the risk of developing a serious health condition becomes even more significant.

Parts of the ventilation system

The typical vehicle exhaust ventilation system is made up of two key components:
  • the exhaust hood system
  • the make-up air system
Depending on the make and design of your particular model, there may be other components besides. However, it is these two that are largely responsible for the air cleaning functions of the typical vehicle exhaust ventilation system.

The role of the exhaust hood system is to remove the various contaminants from the air inside your garage or parking facility. It does this by drawing the unclean air out towards the system of vents and ducts from where it can be dispersed outside where it can do no harm to anyone.

The make-up air system for its part is the component of the vehicle exhaust ventilation system that is responsible for replacing the expelled air with fresh, clean air from the outside. It is the combined dual function of a vehicle exhaust ventilation system that makes it such an effective device for the modern day garage or car park setting.

Cost of a ventilation system

When shopping for a vehicle exhaust ventilation system, it is important to make sure that you get the best possible deal for the money. You should also look into the features offered by the different units and make sure that they are in conformance with the local laws pertaining to the use of such devices.

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