General Exhaust Ventilation

Making sure that the air that you breathe is of good quality is a tremendously important concern. Unfortunately ensuring the quality of air is often easier said than done–even indoors. While one would think that the inside of a home or office is well protected from the most harmful airborne contaminants–and it often is–there are in fact many opportunities for contaminants to be present in indoor air. This is why general exhaust ventilation is such an important concern for home and business owners everywhere.

Exhaust ventilation at the workplace

The most obvious candidate for a good general exhaust ventilation system is of course the workplace. Depending on the particular line of work you are in, the workplace can be filled with various types of contaminants, all of which can be severely detrimental to the health of everyone present. Among some of the most harmful contaminants typically found in the workplace are:
  • vehicle exhaust fumes
  • chemical compounds
  • steam
  • pesticides
The air in the workplace may also be laden with large amounts of tiny particles. Suspended in the air that you breathe, these particles can cause a whole host of diseases and conditions ranging from asthma to bronchitis, and even more long term health issues. It is because of these contaminants that the use of a general exhaust ventilation system is absolutely necessary. If you want to make sure that you are protected as much as possible, it would be a good idea to look into a good general exhaust ventilation system.

Exhaust ventilation in the home

The average home isn't immune to the effects of contaminants in the air either. In spite of your best efforts, simple day to day task can result in a host of contaminants being placed into the air. When breathed in, many of these contaminants can be just as damaging to the health as industrial contaminants in the typical workplace. Among some of the most hazardous or simply unpleasant contaminants in the average home are:
  • cooking fumes
  • cigarette smoke
  • dust
  • pet hairs
  • strong food odors
When compared to the contaminants typically found in an industrial setting, these contaminants may not seem very dangerous to human health. Make no mistake however; even something as simple and commonplace as dust and pet hairs can result in some sever health conditions such as allergy attacks and chronic asthma. When the person affected is exposed for a sufficiently long period, they can be very damaging to the health indeed.

The importance of having a good ventilation system

All this simply illustrates the vast importance of having a good, reliable general exhaust ventilation system in the home and office. Your ventilation system may consist simply of a single fan placed strategically in a key location in the home (the kitchen, bathroom and garage are prime candidates), or it may be a more comprehensive system that effectively handles a wide variety of different types of contaminants. That being said, you do have to make sure that the general exhaust ventilation system that you install is ideally suited for the specific tasks required by the location.

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