Garage Exhaust Ventilation System

Working in a garage can be a thoroughly rewarding experience in more ways than one, although the issue of exhaust fumes can make it a lot less appealing than it should be. It is hardly any secret that vehicular emissions can cause a number of significant health conditions, which is why it may be in your best interests to invest in a garage exhaust ventilation system. With such a system in place, you can make your garage more comfortable and pleasant to work in, not to mention a lot safer for everyone who works there.

Why use garage ventilation systems?

The fumes given off by cars and other fuel engine vehicles can be quite harmful and even deadly depending on the amount and length of exposure. If you plan on spending any length of time working in a garage, as is often the case in a commercial facility, having access to a good garage exhaust ventilation system can be the one thing that will make your work life more pleasant and safer. If you have a number of employees working with you, it is absolutely essential to outfit your facility with a good reliable garage exhaust ventilation system.

Ventilation systems eliminate harmful contaminants

Vehicular smoke is positively laden with tons of toxic materials that can affect human health adversely in many ways. In fact, many of the contaminants found in vehicle exhaust can be downright lethal. Some of the more harmful substances that you can expect to find in vehicular smoke are:
  • carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • sulphur dioxide
  • benzene
  • formaldehyde
There are many more hazardous materials contained in vehicular smoke, which makes the case for a garage exhaust ventilation system even more compelling. Furthermore, vehicular smoke may also contain large qualities of suspended trace materials, which opens you up to the risk of asthma and bronchitis in addition to the potential health risks associated with the gaseous component of vehicular exhaust.

Ventilation systems for other purposes

Even without taking the hazardous substances into consideration, it would still be a good idea to invest in a garage exhaust ventilation system simply to make the garage a more pleasant and productive place to work in. Because you will be working around cars and engines all the time–not to mention the odd powered steamers and cleaning/repair equipment–the air in the typical garage can quickly become heated or laden with dust. Steam and humidity are almost constant features of the average garage, and without a good garage exhaust ventilation system in place, conditions can get pretty uncomfortable indeed.

Most garage exhaust ventilation systems are comprised of an exhaust hood mechanism and a make-up system. The exhaust hood basically handles the job of drawing away the fumes, smoke and odors from the facility, while the make up system draws in clean air from the outside. Both roles are equally important in maintaining the quality of air inside the facility, so you should make sure that your garage exhaust ventilation system provides both features.

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