Exhaust Ventilation Fan

If you are at all concerned about the health and well-being of your employees, not to mention your family, you should definitely look into installing an exhaust ventilation fan. Offering an affordable, convenient, and effective solution to the perennial issue of keeping the air in the home or workplace clean and odor-free, an exhaust ventilation fan is definitely a worthy investment.

The ventilation fan defined

In its most basic form, an exhaust ventilation fan is simply a device that draws out stale or otherwise unwanted air from an interior space and draws in clean air. With this simple action, the quality of the air in an indoor space can be improved tremendously. Such fans are usually placed on the wall, where they have ducts leading to the exterior of the building.

Uses of a ventilation fan

Among the pollutants that an exhaust ventilation fan can effectively deal with are:
  • pesticides
  • gases
  • smoke
  • paint fumes
  • grease smells
All these contaminants work their way into the air by way of everyday household processes such as cooking, washing and even bathing. The workplace in particular lends itself to numerous activities that may result in contaminants ending up in the air. In both scenarios, an exhaust ventilation fan could be the most important investment you can make with regard to ensuring the continued health and well-being of your family members or employees.

Types of exhaust ventilation fans

There are actually many different types of exhaust ventilation fans, with the designs and features of the different models suited for specific applications and settings. Some of the most common types of ventilation fans are:
  • ceiling mounted
  • wall mounted
  • combination
  • kitchen range
A ceiling mounted exhaust ventilation fan is as you would expect, installed in the ceiling of a room. These devices work by expelling stale air from the interior, and directing it through the roof. The fan mechanism itself is fitted to a duct that conducts the air to a vent. This vent may be in the form of a roof cap or some other kind of exhaust vent.

A wall mounted exhaust ventilation fan is of course fitted onto the exterior of the walls of a room. Due to its design, these fans do not require any duct, since the expelled air is easily coursed to the outside of the room. Not only are these designs easier to install, but they also result in a much more streamlined look to the interior of a room.

Another type of exhaust ventilation fan is the combination model. Many such fans feature components other than the fan mechanism, such as light or heating components. A very practical and cost-effective solution that can handle a wide range of uses, these types of exhaust ventilation fans are quite commonplace in homes and small commercial establishments.

Then there is the kitchen range exhaust fan. Commonly built onto the range hood of a kitchen stove, these devices are ideally suited for use in homes and small restaurants.

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