Exhaust Ventilation

The typical workplace or home workshop can be the source of several potentially harmful contaminants in the air, which is why it would be a good idea to invest in an exhaust ventilation system. With such a system in place, you can make your work environment a lot more pleasant and much less harmful to you and your workers.

Functions of a ventilation system

An exhaust ventilation system performs several functions, all of which can be tremendously beneficial in terms of preserving the health of you and your employees. Among some of the most important tasks of an exhaust ventilation system are:
  • Venting of potentially harmful fumes and gases
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Aids in the reduction of solid particles in the air
  • Helps maintain a more favorable temperature

Construction of exhaust ventilation systems

The typical exhaust ventilation system is usually equipped with one or more fans that basically draw the air away from the area where exhaust comes from. Some devices work by using a system of chimneys and pipes that route heated air and contaminants from the area where they originate. No matter what design the exhaust ventilation system employs, the primarily goal is to draw the contaminated air away from where people are working to an area where it cannot do harm to anyone.

Depending on the design of your exhaust ventilation system, it may also have the capability to filter out materials present in the air that is routed through it. Such exhaust ventilation designs may be quite effective in removing pollution particles in the air in your facility. For this reason, such systems are particularly well suited for use in such facilities as:
  • laboratories
  • factories
  • manufacturing plants
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • embalming or autopsy facilities
Exhaust ventilation systems are especially useful in places wherein combustion processes routinely take place. With the use of such a system, you will have the capability to vent combustion byproducts safely at a distance away from your main workspace, leaving it safe and pleasant to work in.

Dealing with smells and gas fumes

A number of facilities wherein strong smells are a constant concern typically employ one or more exhaust ventilation systems. This is often the case in embalming or autopsy facilities, where the smell of the powerful chemicals used can be quite overwhelming, and possibly even hazardous to the health of the personnel.

One of the most compelling reasons to install an exhaust ventilation system is the issue of fume and gas accumulation. There are quite a number of gasses that have the effect of displacing oxygen in the air. When this happens, people present in such an environment may have difficulty breathing. Worse still, the contaminants in the air may be harmful to health, particularly when they are breathed in for long periods of time.

You should also look into exhaust ventilation systems that come equipped with electronic sensors that detect the presence of harmful material in the air. These devices can alert you to the presence of contaminants even if you cannot smell them.

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